Our Team
Patty Taylor
Commercial Manager
Service Stations are all Patty has known since 1987 when she joined a BP Distributor to manage and operate a service station. She worked for that company for 17 years and throughout that time she progressed within the fuel industry to being their Retail Area Manager controlling their ten company-operated sites. Managing these service stations she was able to expand her knowledge with their broad mix of service stations that included large rural truck stops, depot fronts, highway, metropolitan and rural outlets.
After that, Patty changed roles to successfully grow the network for large independent fuel company located in South East Queensland as their Business Development Manager.
Since 2008 Patty has been selling service station properties and businesses and no other agent/broker has her extensive experience or knowledge of the fuel industry.
To contact Patty, please call 0419 363 635 or 0419 363 635